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New App Allows Families to Monitor Their Student’s Internet Use

General Announcement

We have heard from families throughout our district the need for parents to have the ability to monitor/configure internet access on the school-issued laptop while students are at home. Our Information Technology (IT) and Educational Technology departments identified and tested an app called “Securly Home,” which provides families the ability to manage their student’s school laptop while at home. Some of the features include setting alerts, establishing rules for internet use while your child is at home, setting offline schedules, pausing the internet with the push of a button, and viewing activity reports.  

This app was successfully piloted at the end of the previous school year, and we are pleased to announce it is now being released across the district. Families with a student at one of the district’s secondary schools have been connected to the student device using the email address for “Guardian 1/Family 1,” as listed in Family Access. 

By the end of this week guardians listed under Family 1 in Family Access will receive an email from Securly with sign-in instructions, along with a link to download the Securly Home app from Apple or Google play to your phone. 

Additional resources:  

For assistance with the app email