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District Policy on Absences

State law requires our school to closely monitor student absences and their potential impact to the academic progress of students. At times the school may call to ensure strong school support for students and their families.

To help us please consider the following: 

Absence Penalties

  1. Private Dining is a system in place at PLMS to encourage prompt arrival at school. Students with an unexcused tardy to any class will be assigned Private Dining. All students are given one free pass per trimester to get out of Private Dining. 
  2. Each unexcused absence will be followed up with a phone call or email to parents/caregivers. 
  3. If a student has five or more days of unexcused absences in a month, a letter of truancy will be sent home. 
  4. Excessive excused absences will be addressed by the Assistant Principal

Reporting an Absence

  1. Emphasize to students that school attendance is a priority.
  2. Call 425-837-5701 or email Attendance Office  before 7:30 a.m. each day that your student is absent or send a note to the office, with excuse and parent/caregiver signature, when your student returns.