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Rhetoric and Reason Rule at Speech and Debate Tournament

Groups of students in the library

The annual Pine Lake Middle School Speech and Debate Tournament concluded on Saturday, March 23. Over six days, 48 students participated in 6 different speech and debate events. It was an exhilarating showcase of intellect, rhetoric, and teamwork.

From the opening rounds to the intense semifinals and finals, each moment was filled with excitement! In the debates, students used well-crafted arguments to express their unique perspectives on pressing questions like “Is A.I’s potential for good greater than its potential for harm?” “Are humans primarily driven by self-interest?” and “Should students be required to go to school?” In the speaking events, students entertained and delighted their audiences with persuasive speeches and renditions of their favorite movies, and persuasive speeches

As the tournament drew to a close, viewers and judges were left inspired by the poise, confidence, and thoughtfulness demonstrated by our PLMS middle schoolers of every age. Each participating student should feel proud of themselves for what they accomplished. Thank you for an incredible tournament, Pine Lake!


Tournament winners:

Oratory Speech:

1st Place: Vyom S.

2nd Place: Rohan N.

3rd Place: Madhavi A.


Duo Interp Speech:

1st Place: Rohan N. & Mihir N.

2nd Place: Ishika S. & Vaidehi J.


Impromptu Speech:

1st Place: Mihir N.

2nd Place: Rishi O.

3rd Place: Ali P.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

1st Place: Anay A.

2nd Place: Ali P.


Parli Debate:

1st Place: Thomas Z., Sanvi M., and Arsheya T.

2nd Place: Tiya B. & Yuktha A.


Trivium Debate:

1st Place: Shivani R., Dani M., Alice Z., and Sana P.

2nd Place: Vaidehi J., Ishika S., Sanaa M., Aanya S.

3rd Place: Nived P., Rushil A., & Anay A.


Two students speak to each other


Student stands at front of classroom and speaks


Students sitting at tables in commons
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